December 7, 2012

Long Beach Condos

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The Downtown Long Beach California area has gone through a vibrant revitalization which still continues. New hi and low-rise condos, Manhattan style loft developments, condo conversions, new malls and entertainment complexes all either at the beach or within a several blocks walk continue to sprout. A total urbanization of the area is under way. Imagine, affordable beach front condos, and affordable beach close properties.

While parts of the area are still a bit gritty, it has come a very long way.  The many new condos and conversions on and off of East Ocean Blvd. have contributed to the substantial rise in equity in the area.

The close proximity of the Long Beach Airport, its ease of use and its future planned expansion, have aided Downtown Long Beach in becoming highly desirable places for today’s urban minded professionals to live, work and play.

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